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Morning light

Eucalyptus trees embracing the morning light.


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Parrots Beak (Lotus Berthlotii)

Parrots Beak (Lotus Berthlotii) Native to: Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Tenerife.. and happens to really enjoy our front yard. It’s grown quite a lot since I took these images, I’ll have to take some updates. We’ve had it five months now and seems to really like this spot it’s in. We’ll bring it inside for the winter months. 

I love this plant.

I call this “our flaming bush”. It has a wonderful soft texture to it.

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Blue Dawn Flower (Ipomeoa Indica)

Here is our much loved Dawn Flower (Ipomeoa Indica — also known as blue morning glory, oceanblue morning glory, koali awa, and blue dawn flower) in a brilliant display this year. It claims to enjoy full sun.. but ours has mostly shade and is quite happy, much to our enjoyment.

Up close. Didn’t realize the one flower was ripped.. must have been one of the crows or squirrels that like to eat them as snacks. The humming birds drink them from the back of each flower, most unusual to watch. 

In sun

Harder to see, but the best display day.. in early morning shade.

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Same sunset, different photographers.

I was skimming through various peoples tweets and came across a picture that struck my memory. Not two weeks ago I took a picture of a brilliant sunset that matched. I uploaded my film tonight and the dates match too. Scottish lad Sam Heughan (@samheughan) and I seem to have taken a picture of the same SoCal sunset, almost at the same time, I either captured it late.. or early.

What a magical feeling.

Ironically, I took a picture of the sunset the day before also.. that looks more like a match. Date on the image is proof though.. Fun stuff. *cheers* Mr. Heughan.

Sam’s picture and mine. Only slightly off time and I’m a fair distance from the coast.


Here is my image from the day before.. the stunning colours match, but the clouds.. not so much now that I look at it again. Thought I would share regardless, as it is a beauty too. Enjoy.

It’s been one of the toughest years of my life, I hope to get back into posting again. 
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Strange pattern in the sky

This effect in the sky reminds me of a baby blanket my aunt made me as a small child.

Image taken at twilight, my fav time of day.


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Sun soaked rain, wonderful natural effect.

I seem to be cloud gazing a lot lately, can’t help it though. Nature is putting on pretty displays.

It was an unusual cool and overcast day the other morning. The sun was just rising. I managed to catch several images where the sun caught the rain, but not the clouds themselves. Thankfully I had my camera handy again. It reminds me a bit of the Northern Lights.

Sun lights up the rain at dawn

Sun lights up the rain at dawn.

Sun soaked rain, a little closer.

Brighter now. Such a terrific natural effect.

Another section of the same sky, slightly less visual effect.


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Stange clouds

I was out with the dogs the other night and saw these strange clouds in the distance.

Even to the naked eye they almost looked photoshopped, but really pretty.

Whipped clouds behind eucalyptus trees ©Trilby

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Dawn, through eucalyptus trees.

Eucalyptus trees:

Naturally repel fleas and ticks from your home.

Shade cuts AC home cooling costs.

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Our new Japanese Maple

Out of the ashes she rises, so, somewhat naturally, we named her “Phoenix”.

Our beloved thirty+ year mini plum crossed over last year after a nasty infestation of termites which we didn’t know about until its branches started cracking from lack of ability to support itself anymore, the poor thing. We treated the stump, added an ornamental solar lantern and planted our new Japanese Maple next to it.


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Eucalyptus trees at sunset.


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