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Baby Violets

I had forgotten about this image. One of my families Sweet Violet plants had been damaged last year on accident, I had put it in water in an attempt to save it – (which it worked for those interested, replanted and re-established) It wasn’t until I placed the remains of the plant in water that I realized it had seed pods on the base of the stem cluster.

The next morning the pod opened and dropped the seeds into the bottom of the dish. I never knew what Sweet Violet seeds looked like having been given the plant originally as a cutting to spread around my yard, so this was a wonderful experience. My families favourite flowers.

Sweet Violet “nursery”

Sweet Violet


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Dobiolet (dobe-i-o-let) n.

A new species of sweet violet?

Nope. My new doberman puppy. She wasn’t able to make her flight today, so what else is there to do when you’ve already cleaned and puppy proofed the house, no puppy for four more days, yet too wound up to read or watch a movie — and too tired from cleaning all week to exercise? You manipulate puppy pictures in pixlr! I wish I had my photoshop still, it would be better. This was a fun, quick play though.

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