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We have several lizards around the home that are all affectionately referred to as ‘Leonardo’ by the family. They often like to sunbath on the shelf outside the kitchen window, much to the enjoyment of my cats. The cats know them by name, we just have to say it and they come flying out of nowhere to come and see. They know that is the only part of the kitchen counter they are allowed on, is right by the window.

I keep a bucket under the tap for the garden hose outback, until I can get a handy-person to replace it. The plumber who changed our homes pipes had the genius idea of welding the thing on… so it’s virtually impossible for me to change it myself.

A couple of months ago the family was out back when they came running to get me, there was a lizard trading water in the bucket. Goodness knows how long. The poor little soul, but he/she was ever so fortunate that we were there to lift them out in time. They must have been sunbathing on the shelf above the bucket and slipped.

Poor little luv was pale and freezing and clearly exhausted, didn’t even struggle, as if it knew we were helping them. Or too scared or tired to care one way or another.

It was late evening, but there was still just enough sunlight on some rocks in the far corner of our yard. After drying and warming him as best I could in the middle of my hands I gently placed him on one of the rocks to help him gain body heat back.

I finally uploaded the pictures of him sunbathing. He had scurried off home before the last of the daylight left the evening sky.

I now keep a couple of fallen tree branches in this bucket so it doesn’t happen again.


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