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Sweet Violets

There are few flowers that we can grow in are garden that remind us of back home, England. Sweet violets are my families favourite flowers. We are so happy they enjoy our yard. Here is my fav image of one of ours that I took last month.

Sweet Violet. I adore their appearance, fragrance and taste. does my doberman pup who likes to steal the flowers in mid romp.. goober. Rather ironic considering I made her into a ‘Dobiolet’ when waiting for her plane trip from breeder to home with us.

They grow the thinnest around the bottom of our ash tree. They are happier in the garden, but through the years have spread here themselves.

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Leonardos go swimming, again

Yet again I had to save lizards from drowning in a bucket of water last month, this time it was two lizards at the same time. They fall off the window shelf into the bucket as we are watering the plants, they scurry so fast they slip and have incredible aim.. unfortunately. (No matter how many times I move that bucket it always ends up under that drip… grr) This time I had to hold them in gloved hands about 45 min to warm up, it was then after sunset and they still looked pale and miserable, both were breathing though, thank heavens. After they were warm I decided to keep them in for the night. I put them in an old glass food storage container that I put dirt and leaves in and some holes in the lid.

When their colour was back I placed them gently in the container and put them in the cabinet that holds our cable box, as it is a gentle heat, just perfect. The next morning I took them out into the garden and released them. The smaller of the two took off like a shot, the larger stayed long enough for me to take a picture and then was on his/her way too. We had taken pictures of them in my gloves, and in the storage container, but for some reason the zoom was malfunctioning. Here is the farewell image.

Release day. A couple hours later he and his buddy were both sunning themselves on the windowsill again….

☞ Why we call all the lizards “Leonardo” ☜

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Moon gazing

Playing with my new camera. Zooming in, past trees to gaze at a rising moon.

Oct 20, 2013

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Rainbows End

This was one of our roses (“Rainbows End”) many brilliant displays from last summer. Both images taken just after sunset — one with flash, the other without. Such a pretty plant and a lovely fragrance.

Rainbows End (with flash)

Rainbows End (without flash)

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