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Sweet memory vine

We recently brought home a beautiful little vine for a section of our front wrought iron fence, called a sweet memory. Its display is really impressive.

The camera is starting to have trouble with the focus from time to time, as it was when I took some of these images… but I kinda like how these couple of images (as out of focus as they are) turned out, especially the last one. The first three are perfect.

Wonder if this vine will help me keep my own thoughts on track? ..Probably not.



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Dobiolet (dobe-i-o-let) n.

A new species of sweet violet?

Nope. My new doberman puppy. She wasn’t able to make her flight today, so what else is there to do when you’ve already cleaned and puppy proofed the house, no puppy for four more days, yet too wound up to read or watch a movie — and too tired from cleaning all week to exercise? You manipulate puppy pictures in pixlr! I wish I had my photoshop still, it would be better. This was a fun, quick play though.

(violet image source)


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