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Where tornados do not belong

I forgot I had these on my camera. If you are like me and upload your cameras images only once every few months, the feeling when viewing your images can resemble that of a holiday morning.

Last Dec I was finishing supper and washing up when I noticed the sky/clouds outside aglow from the sunset. I grabbed the camera and went out to catch the splendor.. only then did I notice the clouds about a half mile away were rotating in one small spot. My area doesn’t get tornados (I’ll take an earthquake over a tornado any day – *taps on wood*) so to see one attempting to form above is a notch above disturbing. I will add the video when I figure out how to remove the sound… I was chattering with my neighbors about it at the time and nobody needs to hear my voice.

As for the images…

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A walk through the bluebell woods

One of my earliest childhood memories is walking hand in hand with my mum through bluebell woods back home in England. I can still remember the fragrance of the woods, the chill of the dewdrops as they made contact with my legs. This morning I was trying to center my thoughts and went back in time to those memories. With a little help from google and the following images photographers (I am thankful) for those of you who have never experienced this, I can’t do much about those lovely woodsy smells, but… enjoy.



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Scratchboard art

Scratchboard art. I’ve always loved looking at it, I’ve always loved making my own. There is something wonderful about unplugging from the modern world and all of its technology and just focusing on one scratch at a time. It’s so peaceful, meditative, therapeutic.

One of my high school teachers ‘borrowed’ one of mine that I was particularly proud of… never gave it back.

I sometimes run a search online.. as you never know….

Here are some samples of other artists (amazing artists!) scratchboard art that I was enjoying myself this morning.

(Clicky images to their sources)








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Vladimir Kush; artist

Have you heard of  Vladimir Kush

He’s a Russian born surrealist painter and artist. (Wiki)

Clicky each image to go to his original on his website.




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Did you know Dory is missing?

I adore the movie Finding Nemo and often quote;

“Just keep swimming”, “Escapé” and “Ello! Names… BRUCE!”.  

I’m so happy with news I just heard on Ellen…

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