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Couple days ago I popped into Best Buy to ask about computer issues I’ve been having. It was release day to a couple of my fav books series, one of which couldn’t be found anywhere you would normally find it local. On a whim I asked the guard on the way in, “You don’t happen to carry books do you?” I thought I remembered them carrying a shelfful a loooong time ago, but not 100% sure.

His reply, “Books?”

Me, “Yes?”

His, “What do you mean?”

Me, *holds up hands to visualize while speaking* “Small, rectangular objects that usually contain words”.

He then proceeded to turn a bright shade of burgundy and looked away horribly embarrassed.

Me, “I guess not?”

His reply, “Not as long as I’ve worked here.”

*sigh* On a side note.

I recently heard from a friend, that her friends seven year old child is not being taught cursive, as their school claims it’s ‘A dying art’. I would have pulled my child from that school that very day. Don’t you need to know how to write it in order to read it? History is still written in cursive. What? You can google a translator and then have your computer read it to you, so you don’t need to know how to read or write it yourself?? Since when is less education better? What exactly are they trying to free up time for? Facebook?

This my friends is where modern technology has brought us. We should be proud. *cough*

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new fav artist to my list


Have you heard of Jeremiah Morelli?

Maybe you should.

 I found my header image a long time ago,
when I started this blog I went looking for the artist to ask permission to use it.
Here are a handful of my favourite artwork of his. (clicky images to enlarge)


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Just a friendly warning people….

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