Just a friendly warning people….

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Out of a limb

I found this little branch on the floor of a Lowes parking lot.

It filled my truck with fragrance.

Someones loss is my gain.



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Salenite necklace

Tumbled Salenite stone wrapped in weaved silver wire.

My first try at this.


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Pink Lady Hibiscus


This is my little treasure. So pretty.

I found two on sale and only bought one.. forever kicking myself.


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Morning light

Eucalyptus trees embracing the morning light.


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“It’s like…. magic”

Magic in the palm of my hand.

I have had a lot going on that has kept me away, but have a folder full of gems to share. I’ll start with this little one.


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Parrots Beak (Lotus Berthlotii)

Parrots Beak (Lotus Berthlotii) Native to: Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Tenerife.. and happens to really enjoy our front yard. It’s grown quite a lot since I took these images, I’ll have to take some updates. We’ve had it five months now and seems to really like this spot it’s in. We’ll bring it inside for the winter months. 

I love this plant.

I call this “our flaming bush”. It has a wonderful soft texture to it.

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Blue Dawn Flower (Ipomeoa Indica)

Here is our much loved Dawn Flower (Ipomeoa Indica — also known as blue morning glory, oceanblue morning glory, koali awa, and blue dawn flower) in a brilliant display this year. It claims to enjoy full sun.. but ours has mostly shade and is quite happy, much to our enjoyment.

Up close. Didn’t realize the one flower was ripped.. must have been one of the crows or squirrels that like to eat them as snacks. The humming birds drink them from the back of each flower, most unusual to watch. 

In sun

Harder to see, but the best display day.. in early morning shade.

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Easter Tulip

This tulip was an unexpected gift from some wonderful people. We’ve taken pictures the past couple of weeks to share the magnificence of the purple tulips journey through spring bloom.


The colour is so pretty! It blends with our kitchen perfectly. 🙂 So thoughtful.


Gorgeous blooms starting to open up.


A different perspective.


On the inside.


Happy faces.


Thank you our dear heart-friends!

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Baby Violets

I had forgotten about this image. One of my families Sweet Violet plants had been damaged last year on accident, I had put it in water in an attempt to save it – (which it worked for those interested, replanted and re-established) It wasn’t until I placed the remains of the plant in water that I realized it had seed pods on the base of the stem cluster.

The next morning the pod opened and dropped the seeds into the bottom of the dish. I never knew what Sweet Violet seeds looked like having been given the plant originally as a cutting to spread around my yard, so this was a wonderful experience. My families favourite flowers.

Sweet Violet “nursery”

Sweet Violet


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Carolina Jasmine

One of the few plants that will bloom around here in the middle of winter. It’s fun to see it mixed in with holiday decorations. So full of joy and happiness, and smells wonderful too!! The frost has darkened the points of the leaves, but it’s hardy and blooming through it. Here are a couple of images to share.

Caroline Jasmine

Carolina Jasmine, beauties.

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